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Stormryttaren - Freddie Mercury meets Saint Birgitta. Debussy rock, singer songwriter & dreamy art pop from Sweden.

Julia Stokes, who has been seen in the 1920s jazz band Swing Tarturo the past decade, now invites you to the magical everyday life of Stormryttaren (Stormrider). A beautiful journey filled with passion, reflection and hope that makes the audience both laugh and cry. A journey with the intention to make the world more shimmering! 


The rider’s vivid and colorful voice intertwines with the rhythmic piano and with magnetism the artist creates a mixture of both fragility and immense power. Pieces of her universe will be released this summer.


”singer and songwriter Julia Stokes, a dynamic voice artist with a cabaret tradition up her sleeve”
- Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan
”Seriousness and playfulness in the same breath.”
- spectator

Titta nu
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